Pay-Per-Performance Marketing

As the primary purpose of the business is increasing profits, it is important to know whether your digital marketing efforts are successful. On the Internet, you can measure the effectiveness of each marketing tool in order to know which one works the best.

Performance marketers are the first ones trying and optimizing marketing for new social platforms, mobile-first applications, chatbots, and more. (Nir Elharar)

Performance marketing brings a new perspective on quantitative metrics. It is a form of online advertising and related activities in which the client pays when a specific action is completed, i.e. only when the results are achieved.

Here is what sets it apart from any other kind of marketing:

  • you pay per desirable conversion: a sale, a sign-up, new lead, or the number of clicks
  • simple monitoring of efficiency
  • optimization is improved and happens faster: advertiser can react quickly, practically in real time
  • various placement opportunities
  • the risks are minimal
  • extending your advertising reach
  • advertising can be started or stopped at any given time
  • increased transparency
  • better planning
  • learning faster about your clients
Increase in performance marketing ROI0%
Higher conversion rates0%

Is this marketing tool the right choice for you? Let’s figure it out together!